The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property. How can I start CSS animations with js? CSS3 • Tutorials Joni Trythall • March 31, 2014 • 6 minutes READ . the first line (webkitAnimation) works but the other ones don't. Let’s use this class to make any on-page animations wait until the content is ready. In order to activate a CSS animation, a class needs to be added to the element when this becomes visible. The animation can start later, immediately from its beginning, or immediately and partway through the animation. Don't disable the prefers-reduced-motion media query CSS transitions.

CSS animations allow to do simple animations without JavaScript at all. JavaScript can be used to control CSS animation and make it even better with a little of code. Its default resets on each cycle. When a CSS animation plays, there are three events that can occur: animationstart - occurs when the CSS animation has started; animationiteration - occurs when the CSS animation is repeated It's important to note that animation-delay only delays the start of the animation from the beginning. There's currently no CSS property capable of that kind of looped delay. The idea of CSS transitions is simple. To create the animation we use the @keyframes keyword and state that we want our animation to rotate the icon 360 degrees.The @-webkit- prefix is used to ensure Safari 4.0-8.0 compatibility.

The animationstart event occurs when a CSS animation has started to play. Browser Support. The animation can start later, immediately from its beginning, or immediately and partway through the animation. As other answers have indicated, JS is required for this and Waypoints is a JS script that can be used.. Waypoints is the easiest way to trigger a function when you scroll to an element.

Then we need a class that will apply the animation to the icon, let’s name it ‘spin-animation’. We describe a property and how its changes should be animated. If you have a repeating animation, it won't add the delay to the same spot of each loop; only to the very beginning. This approach waits for all assets on a page to load.

animation-delay: the time between the element being loaded and the start of the animation sequence (cool examples). animation-iteration-count: the number of times the animation should be performed. Waiting for one image. All the Animate.css animations include a CSS property called animation-fill-mode which controls the states of an element before and after animation. For more information about CSS Animations, see our tutorial on CSS3 Animations. I can't deduce a specific question here, but for animation, jQuery's various effect calls are good places to start ... Browse other questions tagged javascript html css animation css-animations … When the property changes, the browser paints the animation. Numbers followed by -webkit-, -moz-, or -o- specify the first version that worked with a prefix. I am guessing that many of you have found steps() to be confusing when using it in CSS animations. Animate.css defaults to animation-fill-mode: both, but you can change it to suit your needs. animation-direction: sets the direction of the animation after the cycle. You can read more about it here. I need to call/trigger CSS Animation when the user scrolls the page. I don't know how to use JQuery, so I need a method which could trigger an animation using JavaScript only. If loaded in from an external file, the CSS could load and be parsed before this code executes, which would give the animations a chance to start before we’re ready. How to Use steps() in CSS Animations. The animation-delay CSS property sets when an animation starts. I have spend all day looking for an easy way to make my animation start after I have scrolled to a specific place on the page. I wasn’t sure how or why to use it at first and searching seems to produce two main examples: A typing demo by Lea Verou and an animated sprite sheet by Simurai.

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