... the Magic Keyboard for ‌iPad Pro‌ lacks an Escape key…

Hardware key remapping is available on the Mac for years now.
Using a new feature introduced in iPadOS … With the release of iPadOS 13.4, ... How to Remap Modifier Keys on iPad When Using a Keyboard.

I could […]
First, make sure your keyboard is connected to your iPad.

Steps: If you want to again assign the Escape command to a modifier key in iPadOS or iOS. What the Touch Bar does when using Parallels with Windows. How to remap Caps Lock keyboard button. How to assign a keyboard shortcut to blocks of content for easy input in Word - TechRepublic. Still a problem with iPadOS 13.1.

Want quick access to the Globe button on your Bluetooth keyboard? Want to turn the Caps Lock key on your iPad into the Escape key? Now you can press the Caps Lock key (or the Control, Option, or Command keys) to use as a hardware escape key.

Most people won’t even notice that especially given the fact that it isn’t a key that comes up a lot in the world of iPadOS that uses it. Currently on iPadOS 13, you can remap modifier keys, such as changing the Caps Look to work as the Escape key — which is also another key that doesn’t exist on Apple’s keyboards for iPad.

When I came back I noticed that upon pressing keys the screen won’t turn on, while the Touch Bar would only show the button for the escape key.

Fortunately, you can remap these modifier buttons using the Settings app on your iPad. Escape Key and Power Off Button Keyboard shortcuts. For example, you won’t be able to remap the Control key to act as your Shift. You can use Ctrl+[ as ESC when using (for example) VIM in the terminal, but that doesn't work anywhere else that I tried. The process for remapping your Caps Lock keyboard button is pretty simple. iPadOS 13.4 lets you (finally) use a PC keyboard with your iPad ... can remap that stupid globe to an escape key.

Currently, Apple allows users to remap modifier keys on iPadOS 13.

While Boot Camp lets you install the Windows operating system on a partitioned drive, Parallels is a third-party app that allows you to use Windows while still in macOS. Since the iPad has started to branch off from the iPhone in terms of what it can do with a larger screen, Apple has decided to rebrand iOS on the iPad to iPadOS. But if you do need it, we have you covered. Developers are able to add Touch Bar support to apps, so it is highly likely that Parallels will add a row of function keys to the Touch Bar. The iPadOS 13.4 update which released for developer testing yesterday brings a new feature that lets you remap default functions of certain hardware keys such as Caps Lock and Control. Zoom keyboard shortcuts: Essential key combos you need to know - Pocket-lint

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