This is a bit of a departure from their past claim to fame, which is the 3D world known as Zwift Island (or more recently, the Richmond UCI Road World Championships).). Zwift workouts coach you to become a better athlete. Group workouts are definitely worth a spin.

Here are some you may want to try: Foundation (day 1 of week 1 of the “6 wk Beginner FTP Builder” workout module).

Phase 3 of Zwift Fitness and Direct Power Coaching is available now! Weeks 1 through 3 are progressive in TSS, and week 4 acts as a regeneration week to allow for… Continue reading Zwift’s “Build Me Up” Flexible Training Plan We would like to see Zwift change this, rewarding (for example) 8XP per minute of Zone 1, 10XP per minute of Zone 2, 12XP for Z3, etc. This plan is 10-12 weeks in length and utilizes a 3 phase approach. In that world, you race hundreds of others in real-time around a looped course. Each phase is 4 weeks long. Try to create bike workout in zwift and then start copy workout you need. 50 minutes of low-intensity riding that teaches pacing and builds endurance. Improvement Suggestions.

It works for me when I did that but when I create from blank file Zwift didn’t see it (probably typo, other mistakes possible i don’t know). Still enjoy some structured workouts inside even in the Summer? Zwifters shouldn’t be punished for doing harder workouts, but that is effectively what’s happening with the current system. The most social way to burn calories, they may even encourage quieter types — hyperconcentrated riders, grumpy Guses, and the Eeyores of the bunch — to chat or to send their first “Ride On!” Plan Overview: Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Build Me Up Flexible Training Plan! It seems odd that workouts do not reward more XP for harder intervals. This weekend Zwift rolled out the first iteration of their new workout mode. Coast all the way down!

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